About us

    Cabinet-Portrait restaurant is located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, three minutes from Vladimirskaya and Dostoevskaya metro stations.

    Not far from F.M. Dostoevsky's memorial house and a gorgeous architectural monument of the18th century Vladimir Cathedral.

    Cabinet-Portrait - this is how the first photo salons were called in the late 19th -early 20th century. The unique restaurant under this name has been opened at Malaya Moskovskaya, 7.


    The interiors of Cabinet-Portrait restaurant are designed in the style of aristocratic salons of that time. The oak tables, antique-style furniture, old phonographs and clips from yellowed newspapers of the before-last century create a unique atmosphere of the bygone era.


    The most distinguished feature of Cabinet-Portrait is a private collection of old photo equipment. The artefacts presented here are in fact worthy of being exhibited at any photography museum in the world. Here one can see one of the first film cameras produced in 1898, first photo projectors that appeared before the invention of electricity, and, of course, cameras that many of us have once held in hands: Zenit, FED, Smena and others. The collection of Cabinet-Portrait also has the exhibits that can not be seen in most of the museums. For instance, a "spy" camera from KGB archives, that has a disguise of a button.

ресторане «Кабинет-Портрет»
ресторан «Кабинет-Портрет»

The collection of photographic equipment is by far not the only item of interest of CabinetPortrait. One can also listen to vintage phonograph records on an old gramophone.

Ресторан «Кабинет-Портрет»